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Martin Jørgensen

CEO FysioMeter ApS
Sports Physiologist, Ph.D
Senior Scientist at Aalborg University Hospital

11.01.2019 FCK testing their players with FysioMeter

In this video, head of medical, David Cosgrave, gives insights into how and why the FCK players are tested thoroughly before the new season starts. They use both the H-, G-, and C-station from FysioMeter to test for strength and imbalances in the hamstrings, groin and calf muscles, respectively. With these tests, the staff can make informed decisions and create individualized training programs for each player according to their test results, David Cosgrave says. This will help make sure the players are ready for the upcoming season and ultimately reduce injuries. David Cosgrave further highlights the importance of individualized training since each position has different demands and workloads.

In the video, the co-founder of FysioMeter, Martin Jørgensen, is helping to test the players.