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The H-station is a fast, easy, portable and accurate system for Testing, Training and Monitoring your athletes hamstring strength.

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Following evidence-based training the risk of injuries in the hamstrings can be reduced by as much as 73%

The H-station
allows you to

  • Test dynamic and isometric hamstring strength
  • Identify hamstring strength asymmetries
  • Plan and perform individualized or evidence-based training
  • Keep track of compliance to training
  • Identify individuals at risk of injury
  • Monitor readiness-to-train in your athletes

H:Q ratio

With the H-station, you can measure isometric strength in the quadriceps and hamstring muscles with a 90-degree hip and knee angle. Making it possible to calculate the H:Q ratio, which is important for identifying muscle imbalances around the knee. A poor H:Q ratio is an indicator of elevated injury risk.

The H-station
is based on science

Below you will find links to relevant scientific publications regarding injury prevention and performance optimization of the hamstrings